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It might sound like a cliché, but its true, we are all from nature!

At least in the sense that our bodies and minds once where formed by the natural elements in close contact with all other living creatures around us.

We want Into the Woods to give us a feeling of coming home, to be a place where we can reconnect with nature, ourselves and the people we meet.

The idea is simple, let´s hangout in the Woods for a couple of days and laugh, dance, sing, create, eat, talk, play and much more.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we are in a process of adapting Into the Woods. Here is a presentation of the original idea for the festival the 3-9th of August:

The festival will take place from Monday to Sunday. The first part of the week you can participate in the on going co-create projects leading up to the second part of the week filled with music, drop in handcraft workshops, lectures, activities, yoga and much more. You choose if you want to stay the whole week or just for the weekend.

Check out the map!

Whats with Food?

The food served at Into the Woods is a result of local chefs jamming with the best ingredients you can find in the area, right there in the woods. We support local producers and have a collaboration with them from before they order the seeds until it ends up on your plate. Eating in the woods takes time and therefore food is served at set times when everything else stops, for you to have time to really taste and feel what you have in front of you. We want to minimize food waste and avoid disposables like plates and glasses. Therefore everything is cooked fresh and you will have to bring your own plate, cup and cutlery. There will be washing up stations available. You are always welcome to lend a hand to the kitchen crew. Lets help out to make this the most sustainable and delicious food ever served on a festival! The food is optional to have included in your festival ticket to a reduced price. Read more about our FOOD PHILOSOPHY.

What is a Co-create project?

We believe that when given the opportunity to create together, a sense of meaning and purpose arises that is bigger than each and everyone of us on our own. To be a contributing part of something that is bigger than one self, to be a part of the whole can be a very satisfying experience! Read more about CO-CREATE PROJECTS

We Believe

That we belong in nature. That we are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. We think that listening to the birds, watching a caterpillar cross the path, creating something with our hands, eating great food that is good for us and the planet, hanging out with great people, all with the trees as our roof, makes it easier for us to reconnect with nature and act within our core values.

We strive to make a sustainable festival!

One of the most fundamental challenges in our time is how we, as humanity, can come together to live, prosper and develop our society in a sustainable way that allows the ecosystems and nature that we are a part of to do the same. We want Into the Woods to be a positive force for change, where we together explore ways to live in a more sustainable way.

Everything starts with taking care of our own shit!

Everything starts with taking care of our own shit, literally and figuratively speaking. 🙂 We want into the Woods to be a place where everyone helps everyone to remember this, to take care of the site and to feel a responsibility for the nature that gives us the opportunity to make Into the Woods. We want to leave the site even better than we found it.

Participating Participants

We want Into the Woods to be a place where you feel that you are a contributing, participating participant, co-creating the festival with everyone else. There are of course many ways to participate and contribute to the festival, except from dancing, playing, building or just being you. You are more than welcome to assign for a work shift or two when you buy your ticket.