Don´t have a ticket but happen to be nearby? Book your FREE spot for  Into the Woods on Tour – amazing live music with Nü Fiona and live streaming straight from the festival.

6/8 – Långaryd, Nyarps bygdegård
7/8 – Hyltebruk, Hylte Skatepark
8/8 Rydöbruk, Lahults Gård

Limited spots – book your ticket here:

Med stöd av Region Halland, Kulturrådet och Hylte

This year we will also be broadcasting some highlights from the festival so that you can join us for free from wherever you are. Gather some friends in a forest close to you and make sure you have a descent internet connection.

Yey, let´s play!

Full festivalprogram here.

If you´re attending the online workshops – please be sure to look at the checklists for each event in the program.


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