Like the plants in the forest looking for new ways to grow so have we. The Covid situation cooled us down but now we are lighting up again!

We have release limited amount of tickets to participate in “Into the Woods for a day”.

Great music, good friends, nice foods and drinks. And more activities to come!

19 july

Music: Franska Trion, Nü Fiona, Skogs-DJ. Workshop: Skapande Naturkonst. Food. Drinks. Camping. Glamping.

26 july

Music: Moonica Mac, Wittmar, Skogs-DJ. Workshop: Soul Bowls – Arbeta med lera. Food. Drinks. Camping. Glamping.

2 august

Music: Sofia Karlsson, IZHAV, Skogs-DJ. Workshop: Gjort i Skogen. Workshop: Dans & Improvisation. Friluftsdag i Ödegärdets naturreservat. Food. Drinks. Camping. Glamping.


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