One-day festivals

Live music, good food, nice drinks, beautiful nature and playful people. We will put an extra effort into the magic forest disco floor. In the morning you will wake up by the birds singing in the trees.

Pack your bag, put on your dancing shoes or go barefoot for all we care! The important thing is that you join us into the woods this year! We will have 3 one-day festivals spread through out the summer.

Our beloved cocreate projects and activities will this year emerge into Fri Lek (Free Play). During the day we will have a slot in the schedule for all of you that want to have some extra fun! Bring your toys, skills, workshops, knowledge, activities and make it happen. We might update the program with some of your incoming ideas. Drop us an email or use the jungle telegraph.

In the evening we gather together as participants in Music in the Woods. Some dream come true music acts will spread their tunes through the woods and over the lake.

When the live music ends the DJ starts. In the Magic Forest disco floor you can dance by the fire under the disco ball until the solar energy that we collected during the day runs out.

When the only light left comes from the stars and the fire our guess is that there will be some tribal jam sessions and nice vibes in the sauna.

7/7: Americana Gathering

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18/7: Chill Gathering

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26/7: Dance Gathering

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Festival Area