Food matters!

What you put on your plate makes such a big difference that you could say it is a political act. Therefore we have made food one of the central themes of Into the Woods.

The food served is a result of chefs jamming with the best ingredients you can find in the area, cooked right there in the woods. We support local, regenerative, organic producers and have a collaboration with them from before they order their seeds until the dish ends up on your plate. Eating in the woods is allowed to take time and therefore food is served at set times when no other activities happen, for you to have time to really taste and feel what you have in front of you and to connect with others around the table.

We will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner through out the festival finishing off with a really big slow brunch on Sunday.

We want to minimize food waste and avoid disposables like plates, cutlery and glasses. Therefore everything is cooked fresh and you will have to bring your own plate, cup and cutlery.

We will make sure that the food served is aligned with WWF:S One Planet Plate. Meaning that we keep the week’s menu within the climate boundries set by IPCC and taking biodivesity into consideration, only using products that come from sustainable farming, fishing etc. But we do not stop there, we have chosen to work with small scale, regenerative and local farmers that we believe is a beautiful way towards a sustainable food system moving the power back to the local farmer.

We do this food jam because it is fun, to give you a really good time in the woods with new food experiences, to raise peoples awareness about that what you put on your plate can change the world, because we want to connect with each other within the team and learn new things from each other so that we can evolve to the next level of food jammers!

Welcome to taste our food-jamming!

Victor Lilja
Ylva Rolfsdotter Söderberg
Flemming Hansen
Lova Brodin
Juha Rankinen
Mette Helbaek
Jessica Johansson