Do you want to go further Into the Woods?

Do you want to be a co creator? Enter the woods and contribute with your unique skill, knowledge, thoughts and flavor! Describe your co creative project in the application form and lets see what happens!

Please read this first.


What is a Co-create project?

We believe that when given the opportunity to create together, a sense of meaning and purpose arise that is bigger than each and everyone of us on our own. To be a contributing part of something that is bigger than one self, to be a part of the whole can be a very satisfying experience!

Everything starts with taking care of our own shit!

Everything starts with taking care of our own shit, literally and figuratively speaking :). By applying to lead and manifest a co-create project at Into the Woods we need your assurance that you will leave the sight the way you found it. The dissembling and waste management of the materials we use is a fundamental part of the creative process in making a sustainable festival, and in the bigger picture a sustainable society.

We are surrounded by fantastic inventions and creations that makes our lives better and easier that all started as creative insights, however, the consequences of those insights and inventions when brought in to the material world have many times not been addressed in a very creative way. The seas are filling up with plastic as a consequence of a creative insight that once was manifested, a genius or a catastrophic insight?

So if your project involves building something in the woods we would like you to see it as a case in sustainable creativity which implies taking responsibility for the whole cycle from creating to destructing, leaving but positive traces. There are of course different ways to do your project sustainable, if you are using natural, decomposable materials and want to build something that is meant to last, then let us have a chat about leaving the creation as a part of the Woods.


Your Co-creative project will be part of Into the Woods program where participants can drop in to participate. The projects can extend over the week or be in the form of shorter workshops or activities. Buy leading a project you will have access to the festival, food and camping during the week/weekend depending on the extent of your project

Being a leader of a Co-create project.

As a leader you are responsible for preparing materials, tools and planning the project. Of course we are here to talk about how we can assemble everything in the easiest way.
Also remember that you have an important role in leading the project in a welcoming and including way for all participants.
If you comply with these terms, please don’t hesitate to apply with your Co-create Project.


Apply here:

Basic information


If you need some extra hands to be able to create your project, please specify below. Together we will accomplice great things.

Tools, Material and Electricity

We are trying to be as efficient as possible with the resources that we have. We'll try as much as possible to gather information of what tools and material people will bring. In that way we can collectively help each other.

Please specify your materials and estimated cost, we might have what you need or another project might need the same materials, lets make it smooth together.

One of our biggest challenges in making Into the Woods is how we cover our need for electricity in a sustainable way. Before we have a satisfying solution we can not promise you any juice to light up your project. But please state if you want or need electricity and we will se what we can do.


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