FAQ:s for the Woods!

Getting here

There are buses to Unnaryd. Plan your trip at www.sj.se. Closest bus stop is Unnaryd Ödegärdet. From there it is only a 2 km walk through a lovely landscape before you enter the festival site. We are able to organize pickup from the bus stop to the woods, send an email to: info@intothewoods.se. The area of the festival stretches around three kilometers, a great distance for walking. But it can also be good to have a bicycle. We will have a place for parking close to the site but will not accept any cars driving around in the area during the festival.

By car: The adress is Hylteberg Åbygget Unnaryd. Co-travel is good, post in the Facebook Event and check if there are others travelling from the same direction.

By bus: From Halmstad take bus no 401. Swop to no 431 in Hyltebruk towards Unnaryd. Nearest stop in Unnaryd is Ödegärdet. From the bus stop a 2km walk to the festival area. If you carry a heavy load or have other difficulties walking a transport might be possible to arrange from there.

By train: Nearest train station is Reftele or Halmstad. From Reftele you need to get a ride to Unnaryd (approx 30km from Unnaryd). From Halmstad you take the bus (see above).

Follow the signs and park on the big field next to Åbygget.


There are lots of beautiful campsites around the lake. Find a nice spot to camp in one of the designated areas for camping inside the woods. At a central site at each area you will have access to toilets and water. Its also possible to rent one of our tree-tents or luxury camps. More info at tickets.

Caravan/bus: drive to Åbygget and follow the signs towards the caravan camping.

Tent: Put up your tent on the fields next to the car parking, on the left side of the pathway towards the festival area.

Be gentle with your neighbours, some of us prefer early nights and mornings, others the other way around 🙂

The entrance is located a bit further down on the path towards the festival area. This is where you get your festival wristband.

This might be the most important info. Please leave the sight as you found it, in other words don’t leave any trash behind. Bring it with you or throw it in the recycle stations before departure.

Are located around the area and on the camping site.

We clean ourselves in the lake using biodegradable soap. There will be a hottub with hot water for those who need to warm up before hand. And there might even be a Forest Spa if we are lucky. 😉

By the fireplace at Food Area

Breakfast is served at Food Area between 8am-10am, lunch 12am-2pm, dinner 6pm-8pm.

Bring your own cutlery, deep plate and cup!!

Alcohol and smoking
The whole festival area, except from the camping, parking and Brunnsbacka is ”alcohol serving area”, which means that it’s forbidden by law to bring your own alcohol in, or leave the area with drinks you bought inside, and also to smoke in the festival area. Please respect this, and help us reminding each other.

The bar is open from Wednesday evening and there you’ll be able to purchase from our fine selection of drinks as well as something to eat. In the coffebar you’ll find fika and soft drinks all week.

See the full program on the website. Take a photo or check out the boards on site.

Safety, First-Aid and Vibe Tribe
First-aid kits and fire extinguishers are stationed around the area.

If you need a hug, some help or just somewhere to chillout for a while the Vibe Tribe will be at your service.

Åbygget – Private area
The yellow house and around is private area. No trespassing please.

Good to bring
Rubber-boots, raincoat, mosquito repellent, biodegradable soap/schampoo, warm clothes, and of course your own set of cutlery, plate and cup.

Other questions
If you have any questions or need assistance of any kind, don’t hesitate to ask a fellow participant or a crew member.

And finally the warmest welcome to join our forest family at Into the Woods. See you soon!!

With love,

Into the Woods crew

Ps: We know we ´ve said it about ten times already but hey, don’t forget to bring your own cup, deep plate and cutlery!!