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Energy supply and consumption

Identified areas where we need Avatars to help develop magical solutions:

  • Power generators – Ideas of how to avoid combustion of diesel fuel. Like using Solar cells or alternatively find new ways of making bio-fuel from waste.
  • Lights – Power-saving (maybe solar-powered) lighting that gives cool effects in the forest, tents and to the stage.
  • Cooling solutions – For food, beers and drinks
  • Cooking – Stoves, ovens, grills
  • Sound systems – Wireless remote speakers that are more efficient or maybe speakers without need for electricity.
  • Small power outlets – Charging tools, mobiles, computers, projectors.

Apply Here

Avatars! We here by invite you to connect with the Wood Wide Web and to bring your innovative idea, technical solution, expertise knowledge or artistic creativity to illustrate and illuminate our challenges and solutions!

Fill in the form on the Inno-Quarter website and mark that you want to participate at Into the Woods.

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