Wood Wide Web

Creative and experimental solutions

As a participating festival, Into The Woods is like a living laboratory, a temporary miniature society. Just like life in general there are challenges in areas such as energy, waste and food – as people have the same needs and behavior as in the real world: to move, eat and sleep. The only difference is that the festival is confined to a limited place and time. This makes Into The Woods a perfect test environment to collaborate on prototypes and experimental techniques. As an innovation works in the festival, it can also work in the real world.

We invite Avatars

The Wood Wide Web is looking for Avatars (benevolent collaborators and innovators) who are ready to come together with likeminded beings, and in a creative and experimental way adress our common challenges and to integrate the solutions in the actual infrastructure of the festival. As the focus is sustainability, this would apply to all areas of the festival. However we have identified three main areas:

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Avatars! We here by invite you to connect with the Wood Wide Web and to bring your innovative idea, technical solution, expertise knowledge or artistic creativity to illustrate and illuminate our challenges and solutions!

Fill in the form on the Inno-Quarter website and mark that you want to participate at Into the Woods.

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