Do you feel a strong calling to the forest but have limited resources when it comes to society’s most commonly used currency?

We believe in worth measured beyond numbers and notes. This means there could be different ways in contributing to creating the space we wish us all to enjoy in the forest.

Do you have an idea about your participation in terms of a skill you think could be useful or are you just willing to give of your time before, during or after the festival? Check out the different ways to Value share and send us a note about how and when you would like to contribute.

Before the festival we need help with creating the spaces where the co creative projects will be manifested.

  • Make a beautiful path by the lake. 
  • Make a beautiful path to the old mill
  • Prepare the site for the building of the Fractal Temple of the Woods.
  • Construction: Help out in constructing the festival.

During the Weekend of the festival we need help with a lot of things. Check out the different areas where you can lend a hand.

  • Kitchen: Working in the kitchen together with the amazing chefs.
  • Bar: Helping out in and around the bar.
  • Entrance: Give the the people coming into the woods a warm welcoming.
  • Arriving Into the Woods: Help people to park their car and find the right path Into the Woods. 
  • Cleaning: Help out during the festival in keeping the woods clean.

After the festival help out in helping the woods fall back to its normal peace and pace.

Value Sharing Deal equivalent to the weekend ticket looks as follows:

  • Helping out before or after the festival for 2 days plus the cost for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) á 20‎€/day Thurs-Sun= 80‎€


  • Helping out during the weekend á 4h/day Thurs-Sat plus the cost for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) á 20‎€/day Thurs-Sun= 80‎€