This is a quiet, stress-free beginners course in ceramics with room for your own experiments and wishes. The first days you get to manufacture your own clay items under guidance. With the use of simple hand tools you get to try different methods and in a playful way develop your own shapes and figures. When our creations are dried, we will do the first firing in an electric oven indoors, so-called bisquit firing(skröjbränning).

Next we will build a simple Raku kiln(oven) out of bricks, along side this we dig a pit furnace(gropugn), all in the beautiful setting by the lake.

Friday or Saturday, depending on how fast we work, we glaze our creations and fire up the raku kiln. Together we study and discuss the results. We also start the pit furnace and let our clay forms burn for about 5 hours. On Sunday after breakfast we dig out our pit and see what happened down there during the night…

You will have a lot of time circulating the rest of the woods to check out other activities, music etc. No previous knowledge is required.