Canoe trip (4 days) + Weekend ticket


Duration: Sunday 4th of august 13:00 – Wednesday 7th of august, afternoon
Participants: 10
Leader: Alma Bågefalk, Katinka Johansson

The waterway to the festival – a four days canoe trip

Traveling by canoe takes you closer to nature and is a perfect mix of meditation and adventure. Each paddlestroke becomes a rythm in your body as the water carries you forward. Outdoor life gives you prespective on what´s important in life and what it means to be human. During four days we are going to travel by canoes in the beautiful surrounding lakes and forests. It´s a simple but good way of life, making food together over the fire, sleeping outside and spending the evenings swimming in the lake, singing and telling stories around the fire. If the weather allowes we gonna paddle the lakes Slätten, Bolmen and Unnen and all the way to the festival area, arriving calm inside and together with new friends. If the weather is windy we gonna find some smaller and safer waters to paddle instead. (Read more)


  • Four day Canoe trip in the surrounding lakes
  • The best organic breakfast, lunch and dinner (Read more)
  • Accommodation – Bring your own tent/caravan
  • Weekend Ticket

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