See our detailed program from 2019: Click here

Gong Meditation

Impro Theater (Sunday)

Erector Spina – Principles of a functional body (Sunday)

Community Drum Circle

Parkour in the woods

Hailu Merga

Stefan Rosengren: “The mysterys of the sea” & “Nature Photography”

Eco Printing


The Sanctuary of Omnilum (Co-Co-Create ticket)

Vilma Flood

Lindy Hop Crash Course

Forest spa by the lake shore

Art Van – ceramic sculpturing in the woods

Wendela Löfquist: “Fertility Awareness” and “Talking to kids about sexuality”

Heart Centered Yoga Flow

Kids Yoga

Morning Yoga



Clay Earth Oven In The Woods (full week ticket)

A sound experience for babies.


Create your own walking stick

Bevan (AUS)

Ceramics in the woods (Full week)

Brunch Sunday

Forma: Floating shelter (Co-Co-Create ticket)

Nü Fiona

Bicycle Beat

Eggtempera painting (Full week)

Floating sauna (Co-Co-Create ticket)

Joshu (AG)

Carving in the woods (Full week)


Dinner Friday

Historical hike in the woods

Write with your senses and the woods as inspiration (Almost full week ticket)



Cats and Dinosaurs

Yin Yoga Journey

Build your own forge of recycled material and make your own hook (Almost full week)

Dinner Wednesday

Sculptures of the woods (Full week)

Kristina Issa

Lova Brodin: Food is politics

Family Morning Rave


Morning on the mire

Land of Trees

Butik Paletti (Sunday)

Willow braiding

Marika Wittmar

Forest bathing in Ödegärdet


Navigate your & our future

SUP on the lake

Forest Bathing by Force of Nature

Into the trees

Adventure hike in the magic forest

Ivica “itchy” Cvetanovski: Golden coffee – from seed to cup

Wild herb foraging with Juha

Eating in the woods

Anita Gordh: Shivas Drum

Canoes for the people

Sculpting dolls (Almost full week)

Anders Krasse: 7 years of freedom – my path to sustainability

Forge a shoe for your pilgrim’s rod

Coffee in the woods

Canoe trip – 4 days (full week + 1 day)

I samarbete med